Fast and free voice communication

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  • In-Game Voice Overlay
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No Fees or Server Subscriptions

We do all of the heavy lifting to get you gaming and chatting as fast as possible. Never worry about making a payment or remembering server info.

  • Never have to pay fees or purchase credits.
  • No server subscriptions or maintenance.
  • We have servers worldwide to ensure you get the lowest latency possible.

Quickly Share Sessions With a Link

Chatting with teammates has never been easier. Create sessions with the click of a button and instantly share or join by using a link.

  • Launch sessions easily from Curse Voice or the SMITE client.
  • Session links are immediately copied to your clipboard for easy sharing.

In-Game Voice Overlay

Curse Voice integrates fully into the SMITE client, providing you with an unmatched overlay experience.

  • Easily create and share voice sessions while in queue or during god select.
  • See voice notifications next to god portraits while you play.

Automatching For Voice Sessions

Never worry about manually creating and sharing sessions during god select. Curse Voice automatically detects and matches you with teammates running the software.

  • Create sessions with groups of friends or teammates in normal and league queues.