Curse Voice
  • Completely Free

    Free, plain and simple. Enjoy crystal clear communication without ever having to pay a server fee or buy credits again.

  • Safe and Secure

    We’ve got your back. Curse Voice uses a secure server-based architecture that keeps your computer’s IP address private and unavailable to would-be hackers.

  • In-Game Overlay

    Information where you need it most. The Curse Voice overlay seamlessly integrates with your favorite games, giving you unparalleled control without ever leaving the action, or your team, behind.

  • Friend Sync

    Gaming is always better with friends. Curse Voice now makes finding them easier than ever. Confirm the games you play and we'll tell you when your friends join Curse Voice.

Epic Communication at Your Fingertips

Cutting edge voice communication designed specifically for gamers

Bring your friends, teammates, and games together with Curse Voice

The next generation in gaming communication is here. Curse Voice brings together your favorite games, friends, and teammates with world-class technology to provide you with an epic communication experience.

At Curse, we are passionate about gaming and we know that exceptional communication with your teammates is critical for your success. We are designing Curse Voice from the ground up as the premier gaming communication platform. We’re still in Beta and moving fast, so expect to see many new features. Be sure to let us know what you think and give us your feedback by stopping by the forums. Enjoy the Game.

Seamlessly Integrated With Your Favorite Games

Curse Voice’s in-game overlay gives you complete control without ever needing to alt-tab or look at another monitor. Keep your attention where it’s needed most, the game.

How it Works

The overlay technology built into Curse Voice gives you complete control over your voice session while you’re in game, without impacting performance.


Use the overlay to control your voice settings without ever leaving the game. Mute, unmute, leave, and create voice sessions; no alt-tab required!


Keep your attention where it matters the most. We support your favorite games, with additional game support coming soon.


No matter what part of Curse Voice you use, the desktop application is what does all the heavy lifting and makes Curse Voice possible.

Game Changing Features

Curse Voice, the tool you need to succeed

Totally Free

You pay enough for gaming as it is, that’s why Curse Voice is 100% free. No ads, no fees, no hidden costs.

  • Never have to pay fees or purchase credits.
  • No server subscriptions or maintenance.
Quickly Invite Your Teammates

We do all of the heavy lifting to get you gaming and communicating with your teammates as fast as possible. One click is all it takes, no IP address or port number required.

  • Launch sessions easily from Curse Voice or the game overlay.
  • Session links are immediately copied to your clipboard for easy sharing.
In-Game Voice Overlay

Curse Voice integrates seamlessly into your favorite games, providing you with an unmatched overlay experience.

  • Easily create and share voice sessions with your teammates.
  • See who’s speaking while you play.
Automatching for Voice Sessions

Never worry about manually creating and sharing sessions. Curse Voice automatically detects and matches you with teammates running the app.

  • Voice sessions are automatically created for supported games, connecting you and your teammates more easily than ever before.
  • No clicks required. We’ll match you with your teammates while you focus on the game.

*Available for supported games

Friends List

Curse Voice combines your best friends with your favorite games. Friends lists and Friend Sync make it easier than ever to find, play, and chat.

  • Friend Sync finds your friends on your favorite games and apps. When a friend joins Curse Voice, we’ll suggest them to you as a friend.
  • Profiles let you see the games your friends play and what friends you have in common.